How to use the notes function in eLearning

On the text based pages you have the opportunity to highlight text, make notes, add stars or comment in social media for a particular part of the text.
Simply mark/select a part of the text, and then a menu/panel with these options pops-up.
You can then highlight any part of the text with three different colours, yellow, red and blue.
Just by marking the word or/and text you want, and right click using your mouse or touch pad and choose from the panel that pops-up the colour that suits you best.
You can also take notes on your ebook in just seconds. You have the option to insert a note which relates to a whole section or a specific note just by marking the word, phrase or paragraph and pushing the right click. Once the panel appears you just click on the “insert note” icon and a small bubble pops-up where you can write your notes.
When you have made notes and highlights there are a couple fo places that you can view those annotations.
You can view the notes on the actual page where you took those notes - there is a small notes icon to the left of the paragraph. Click on that icon and your note will open up for you.
A second place to view your annotations and notes is in your personal profile area.