Life Skills Courses

resources to help you grow as a christian
Life Skills is a series of courses covering the important areas of what it means to be a healthy growing disciple of Jesus.
 Each course is made up of a number of modules as we hope you enjoy this journey of discovery.
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What some previous course participants had to say

“We nearly didn't come... this year has been extremely hard... we came to a brick wall and didn't know how to get through it. It has totally changed things around. We are going to get our marriage blessed next and have a fresh start.”
Having to sit down and properly talk about things is certainly a game-changer, especially at the moment.
Lucy Denyer writes in The Telegraph about her experience of trying The Marriage Course online.
‘In the group I realised that I wasn’t going mad, and it was so good to share with others in a safe place’
PARTICIPANT: The Bereavement Journey